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Global Market for Outsourced Translation to Surpass US $43.08 Billion in 2017

The global market for outsourced language services and technology will reach U.S. $43.08 billion in 2017, according to an independent study by market research firm Common Sense Advisory.   The article goes on to say that It’s expected that by 2021 it will grow to $47.46 billion. What this mean for us at LRS Recording is […]

E-Learning Localization Tips

I ran into an interesting article about tips for localizing e-learning projects. While I thought this information in this article was very good information for anyone who needs to localize their e-learning projects, the one exception I have is when they write about the issues of language translation text expansion. 20 tips for localising your […]


Please consider carefully what I’m about to reveal. The process of the translation is the absolute lynch pin for success or failure for all foreign language media projects. The outcome pivots on the approach and STYLE of the translation. The crux of the matter is, there are built-in challenges translating for video that simply do […]

New E-Book Translation Services

As a Kindle publisher and translation specialist with my company LRS Recording for 30 years, the question of how to get an e-book translated into another language has come up a lot.  The reality is, to do this correctly, can be expensive. Even with all of my translation resources it can be expensive for me.   My […]