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Audio Dubbing Explained

What is Foreign Language Dubbing?

The term dubbing or in our case foreign language dubbing can mean a few different things. But for our purposes foreign language dubbing is simply the process of replacing the English audio in a video with a new foreign language audio track.

How the foreign language dubbing process would work with your video is one that has the target language voice talent standing is a recording booth. This person will be wearing headphones. This will allow the voice talent to hear not only their voice but also the original English voice that is part of the original video.

The reason for this is that while the audio is being recorded, the voice talent will be able to hear all of the nuances of the original English voice track. Including the speed of the voice, the tone, the inflections and any other characteristics that are important to help the voice talent stay faithful to the original English voice-over delivery.

Along with the audio, the voice talent will need to match from time to time the on-screen text that are within the video. This will require the voice talent to be able to see what the video is doing while they are recording. In order to accomplish this there is always a TV monitor in the recording booth for that real-time reference.

It takes the combined talents and experience levels of the entire foreign language production team to deliver the high quality product that you will be proud of. This includes the translation, bilingual producer, voice talent, and audio engineer.

I sincerely hope this has help your understanding of translation services as it relates to media production.

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