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A Different Kind Of Translation Services Company

LRS Recording is not your typical translation services production company.  LRS has established a rare and unique connection between the world of language translation and media production.  We specialize in translation services specifically for media or multimedia if you will and provide language services for Media Production Companies, Corporations and Translation Companies.

On the surface it might seem very strange that we would service translation companies.  You might even ask why would a translation company need your services?  Good question.  It all starts with the fact that both the translation companies and the media production companies have clients that need their English media projects translated and produced into various languages. Basically, translation companies rarely know much about the inner workings of media production.  So they need to out source the media production for their clients who need that service. 

They turn to LRS Recording to help them produce their client’s corporate media projects into whatever language they need. On the other hand, Media Production Companies rarely know much about the inner workings of the different languages, cultures and the correct process of translation.  

They turn to LRS Recording not only to provide correctly translated and timed audio scripts but also to help in producing the foreign language audio.  In addition, many times the text graphics in the media need to be changed into the target language as well.  The reason they choose LRS Recording, is that although they have high quality production capabilities they realize the difficulty in working with a language they don’t understand. LRS Recording has all of the professional language resources and technical abilities to deliver the highest quality foreign language production available anywhere in the world.  We have helped our clients produce nearly 4000 projects in more than 40 languages over the last 29 years. We have a database over 300 experienced native voice talent and bilingual producers. We have hand picked individual translators and translation companies that have been trained to understand the intricacies of translating specifically for media.  And last but certainly not least we have highly tenured audio engineers and video editors that truly understand the nuances of working with any language.  Our experience level is unrivaled in the translation industry. This is why over 130 media production companies and 25 translation companies have turned to LRS Recording for their foreign language production needs. We are literally considered by all of these companies to be their Strategic Business Partner.  More specifically, we are viewed as being their personal Foreign Language Department. This is why LRS Recording is a different kind of translation service’s company.  Quite simply “We’ll Take The Pain Away” associated with producing foreign language media.  THAT’S A PROMISE! Though we operate in a high-tech setting, we are committed to “old-fashioned” values: accountability, quality, service, communication, timely delivery and competitive pricing. We believe there is nothing high-tech about being a good business partner. Mark Ohlsen
President & CEO, LRS Recording, LLC
Email: The Translation Services Experts for Multimedia